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This version is a free demo, and your project WILL NOT BUILD while Bullet Hell Jam is not in progress.

Buy the Unity Asset Store version if you need to build your project after the jam

The whole Demo folder is safe to delete! You will also need to:

Use URP and install the EditorCoroutines package

Collisions are done with the BulletCollider component - it does not work with Unity's physics system. This is intentional - the collision detection is extremely simplified and done with jobs, for performance reasons.

Help - I can't see any bullets!

Please make sure you're using the Universal Render Pipeline. If you go to edit -> project settings -> graphics, you should have a render pipeline here.

If there are no assets you can drop in there, you need to create a render pipeline asset:

You can use either the 2D Renderer or the Universal Renderer. However, bullets won't work with lights! It is possible to write a new shader that enables GPU instancing that will work with them, but that isn't included in the asset.

During Bullet Hell Jam, I'll be around and active on the jam's Discord Server!

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