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You thought geometry was difficult? Now it's got a gun!
Face the fury of the Seven Deadly Shapes and blast your way through a barrage of bullets and lasers in this highly accessible bullet hell.

Inspired by the likes of Tempest, Geometry Wars and Just Shapes & Beats, this modern shmup aims to strip back the complex, busy art style of classic shoot-em-ups. The minimalistic art style makes enemy bullet patterns much clearer and easier to focus on, if not easier to actually dodge 😉


🎯 Straightfoward shoot-em-up gameplay - shoot the evil shapes and don't get hit. Use the thumbstick/joystick to position yourself on the ring.

🔝 Leaderboards - compete for high scores and keep track of your own progress.

7️⃣ Hand crafted levels - you'll have plenty to do as the Seven Deadly Shapes use a vast arsenal to get rid of you.

Multiple game modes - Want to take on the whole game at once, or practice a specific section?

🔸 Minimalist art style - a modern art style that's easy on the eyes and runs like a dream on all hardware.

🍕 Discord rewards - competitions, cheat codes, and prizes distributed via Discord!


This game is being made with accessibility at the front and centre:

  • Control your ship with a just a joystick and one optional "fire" button (or automatically fire your laser when you get hit)
  • Adjust the speed of the entire game to suit your reaction speed or the amount of challenge you're up for.
  • High contrast/red-green colourblind friendly by default, with a slew of vision aiding options to suit everyone.
  • Remappable controls

Updated 14 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
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TagsArcade, Bullet Hell, High Score, Shoot 'Em Up


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