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Collect more bits to gain more power! Can you top the leaderboard?

 Your bits are stronger together - they can move faster and shoot more rapidly the more there are. Collect up to 32 bits! 

A top down shooter made over around 24 hours for Brackeys Game Jam. Apparently Itch's uploads are broken so there's no cover image, but hee hoo! Everything done during the jam:

- Programming, 99% of the visuals, and all implementation done by me, theChief
- Music and sounds by the wonderful Iñigo
- Ripple shader by the excellent ktyl


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Bitswarm_mac.zip 38 MB
Bitswarm_win.zip 29 MB


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Very nice game! Addictive!

Very fun game once you get the hang of it! I wasn't sure what the controls were at first, so maybe consider adding them to the page or the game itself.

I really liked the different kinds of enemies. They made the experience much more engaging. Also loved the art style and the way the ground ripples when the bombs go off.

I couldn't find the last 2 bits, but I made it to the leaderboard!

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What a stylish game! The transitions are all super smooth (I especially love the square brackets surrounding the menu item I’m hovering over), and the online leaderboard is a super nice feature. I’m impressed that you got so much done in such a short amount of time (especially having a Quit button this time! 😛).

There were only 2 issues that I had with it.

  • On a Mac, I had to go into Terminal and do
xattr -cr path/to/Bitswarm_mac.app

to get it to run.

  • In the Settings menu, the Background Music label overlaps the leaderboards. It might just be an issue with my display resolution (2560x1440), but you never know.

Great game absolutely loved it, great work chief, if there is one thing i'd change is the fact that you have to submit your score yourself instead of it automatically submitting it if the score of the name you entered is higher then the score that is currently stored but other then that 10/10.

the artstyle and music is really cool! (the music did scare me to death at first, but lets ignore that) Also, online leaderboard!