Get that classic Doom experience, forever! A procedurally generated crappy doom clone that took about 6.5 hours (so expect bugs!!).

I used all 3 themes:

  • Chain Reaction: Enemies explode, causing other enemies to explode
  • Negative Feedback Loop: As you take more damage, you get faster/shoot faster!
  • Novel Twist on a Classic Game: I made Doom, but added procedural generation

Music by Verbante:

Source is included, but I can't include the particle FX and the enemy model because they are paid assets. Check out Polygon Arsenal on the Asset Store! I rarely start a project without it tbh, they are such good quality assets. I also used a model from Synty's Space pack on the Asset Store for the enemy, DOTween on the Asset Store and This rifle from Turbosquid for the player's gun (though made the shader during the jam). I used some procedural generation code, which I've also attached (and made available to everyone in the Discord before the jam started).

Here's a list of the diversifiers:

Community 🌎

Marketing 📣

Code 💻

  • Upload the source code of your project to your game's page!
  • Make a procedurally-generated game with functionally infinite levels (or an infinitely long level)!

Audio 🎼

Design 🎲

Accessibility ♿

  • Make a game that can be understood regardless of what language the player speaks! - other than the options menu...
  • Make a game that can be played with WASD, ZQSD, Arrow Keys, and IJKL!
  • Use a color-blindness filter to test your game's art and make sure it's clear for people with all kinds of color-blindness!

Meta 🎮

  • Make a game with a main menu! In a game jam! WOW!! - there's a pause menu with a load of sliders, which I think is in the spirit of this diversifier ;) 

Build 1 timelapse:

Build 2 timelapse:

Build 3 timelapse:

... crap I forgot to record it D:


Build 1
Build 2
Procedural Generation Package 3 kB
Download 2 MB


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how do i lock my cursor


Beautiful game! Hope to see more from you in future trijams!