Bop to the beat - featuring music from Christian Royle, guide this plucky triangle through a maze of dangerous orange rectangles. Simplicity itself!

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TagsCasual, Flappy Bird, Minimalist, Music


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can you tell me how you make the glowy effect?

I use bloom, a post processing effect! Each shape has an "emission" value which controls how much it glows

oooooo is there any tutorials for it?

never mind ill find my own

What engine? If you're in unity, you'll want to search for the post processing stack or URP post processing, depending on which render pipeline ☺️ not sure about other engines, sorry

im in unity and i have no idea what u just said

also how to post my games


Love the gameplay! keep up the grweat work!

game is broke. game sucks. everytime i retry the space gets too small.

na game not broke ... u just need to get gud :)


5400 score yeehaaaw


4100 Score


6000 ;)

Damn, try and beet me in ma game then ;