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Game made in 48 hours for https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2021

Oh no! It looks like lost your arms? How did that even happen? Anyway, some dudes with guns want to kill you for some reason. Oh what's that thing in the middle? It connects with you? That could be handy to deal with the "people wanting to murder you" problem.


wasd/arrows/left analog - move


Arcy - art, sound design, AI, enemy and wave design, game design

WayfarerGames - systems, tools, UI, programming

Assets used: 

"Space Explorer" by 3Dimentional.

"Scifi Building 1" by Daniyal Malik.

"Sci-fi Pistol" by Artem Goyko.

"Katana" by lyttriuml.

"Red Alert Tesla Coil" by Ashley Aslett.

Absolutely Free Music by Vertex Studio on the Unity asset store.

Powered with FMOD Studio by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd.

Disclaimer: Outlines may not look as good on linux and mac, sorry about that :P


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linux.zip 49 MB
mac.zip 43 MB
windows.zip 33 MB


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good game just a bit repetitive and also my record is wave 35 :)

Wow, nice idea! and the game design is very good too!

also the character is sus XD