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Made over 48 hours for GMTK Jam 2022


Like, the whole game is a known issue. It's very difficult to see what's going on, and there's no win condition or lose condition because I ran out of time!

The camera is a bit funky, I tried to be clever with it - when it works, it's awesome. When it doesn't (which is most of the time), it sucks 😂 

The UI doesn't do anything and takes over WAY too much of the screen, especially on anything 1080p or lower, sorry!

Sometimes you can get a speed boost that makes you FAR too quick.

Some powerups don't seem to do anything.

You probably won't take enough damage to ever deplete your shields.

Probably more I guess!


Programming: me, theChief!

Powerups: cosmicfox

Audio: Thomas Thoreau - https://www.thomasthoreau.com/


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macOS.tgz 61 MB
GMTK_Linux.zip 54 MB
BB_PostJam.zip 49 MB


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The game is pretty cool overall

controls: it feels really good to control, no complaints.

visual style: the visual style is also really nice. The grid pattern with moving background or something, not sure what you did but it looks really nice and it pairs really well with the neon style enemies and player

bugs: so, im nos sure if i was supposed to be able to die, but if the is the case, it is not happening. Also, when you get away from where you spawn, the camera progressively gets zoomed out leading to some visual glitches with the background and even if you get back the place you spawned in the camera does not get back to the original zoom level.

theme: im not really sure about the connection between your game and the theme "Roll of the Dice," maybe you just didn't implement this in the game yet, but i think it should be in the core your game.