A downloadable game for Windows

A silly ragdoll physics came. Throw yourself down a huge hill! Comes with a GIF exporter, it'll capture GIFs automatically - don't forget to share them on social media!




YeetMe.zip 38 MB


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In all seriousness, this is a fun game about ragdoll physics and cloudy hills. I would like it if the game captured GIFs in their own unique folders, like the time or date but otherwise, it's great.  


Awesome experience. Found a couple of funny bugs. The same one as reported about switching the character, but while I was flying I was trying to use the A&D keys to try direct myself, and suddenly I found the music had become deafeningly loud, and go back down to almost zero with the A key! Bug or feature here?


This was a blast! 🤣 Love that I could keep switching character when flying down hill by pressing space. Was it a but or a feature? Certainly a feature. 💪


Definitely a bug lol 😂 glad you enjoyed it! I think I'll turn it into a little mobile game ☺️