One life. Three buttons. Infinite enemies. Got what it takes?

Move left and right to dodge endless waves of bullets and enemies in this hyper intense competitive shmup. Spawn 5 clones with a super attack, and top the leaderboard!


- Shapes by Freya Holmer:

- MP UI kit:

- Polygon Arsenal (sound effects):

- Lemon Milk - Font

- Bulletfury:

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsWayfarerGames, Dieck
TagsBullet Hell, Minimalist


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Really fun, love the if you move it shoots mechanic, might implement in other games,

The visuals and sound are really great!

P.S ARGH and SPAFUJI is mine. So game is really very cool but some unbalance at bullet hell boss (3 bosses in one) and gamedesign fault (game going to be bored sometime bc you haven’t got much difference) also getting score is hard and routine. But realisation is nice, It 100% will be cool android hyper-casual you only need solve errors and do it till down. From bugs only that sometimes music stops :( P.S.S play my game :P